Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

It's Christmas again! I always dread Christmas rolling around each year but once it is here, I am happy. I become excited watching my loved ones open their gifts and looking to see what they have received. But I have to say, each year I am disappointed in the gifts I receive. I know this sounds ungrateful...but do these people even KNOW me at all?! Since when do I wear purple boots?! Did I move to Denver and not know it?! They aren't even Uggs! I mean I have known them for like 40 years, but my parents still get me crazy shit! Every year I tell my mom and dad, "gift cards are much appreciated!" But every year, they don't take my advice. Oh well, another Christmas over! Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is it Christmas time already??!!!

Okay...is it Christmas ALREADY?! Is the year almost up already?! Where did the time go? My daughter started bugging me about putting up decorations back in the beginning of November. I was sooo not ready. So I postponed it as long as possible. I think my procrastination came from not wanting to believe that another year has gotten away from me. What have I accomplished this year? What have I done to significantly change my life this year? The end of the year has always been a time of reflection for me, but not always in a good way. I am determined to think of something positive for this year. Okay Thinking....Thinking...Thinking...okay nothing! OH WAIT!!! I bought my first house this year. Okay well I may lose it next year due to unemployment, but at least I got it.

Here are some pictures of how we decorated the house for the holidays:

Still no Christmas tree up yet but it is coming. Uggh, just the thought of pulling all the stuff out of the garage...oh well...whatever it takes to make my daughter happy. The Holiday season has become so commercial these days. I heard on the radio that Madonna and Guy Ritchie did not celebrate Christmas anymore...not just because of Kibbala, but for other reasons. But hell they are cabillionaires, so they have Christmas everyday. It is especially stressing when you don't have money. So I have taken to making gifts for my friends and family. I will post those pictures after the holidays. I don't want everyone to see what I made for them for Christmas. lol I am trying to prepare my daughter for a sparse Christmas this year. I have always been able to buy her what she wanted for Christmas, even at my poorest periods of my life. This year I am having a difficult time. I am trying to tell her, "Hey you have a nice house to live in so this is part of your Christmas!" She just looks at me like I am crazy! Yes it is my fault; I have overindulged and over compensated because she doesn't have a father. Now I am and she is suffering for my bad parenting.

Well, here is wishing everyone a Happy Holiday season!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Old Navy

There was an Old Navy commercial that used to come on advertising sweaters in Sept/Oct. I fell in LOVE with the song that was playing. I looked every where for that song. Finally one night I couldn't sleep and turned on the TV to VH1. THERE IT WAS!! My song!! I finally found out who sings it and the title! So the song is called "The Way I am" by Ingrid Michaelson. I so love this song. It reminds me of love long gone, but also, of some sweet memories of that love. So enjoy my favorite song for the year!