Sunday, June 29, 2008

Much Ado

I haven't blogged because I just haven't had much to say lately. I feel like I need to write something, but why is that? I don't know. I feel obligated to write something because I have saved this little bit of space in the cyber world.

Just an update: I was laid off from my job in April, then found a new job in May. Hate the new job. It is so beneath me, but I need something to pay the bills. That is how I am trying to look at things. I am not the least big challenged. So, needless to say I am looking again. I always feel like I can't find a job that fits me and makes me happy. This job I am with has it's perks- I get a company car and company gas card. But that is about it. I feel like I have stepped back into Mayberry RFD. They have NO HR processes in effect. They go by the wims of the CEO/President of the company. It is just a hot mess.

Next update: The girl did not pass the Math and Science TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) tests. She needs to pass both parts of this test so she can graduate from high school. This whole process has pissed me off and frustrated me and her. I mean she could have an A in a class but if she doesn't pass this series of exit exams, then she doesn't graduate. It just sucks!! It has stressed me out so much that it is affecting my blood pressure. So now I am on blood pressure medication. I am trying to calm it down. I have been knitting more and more to try to focus on other things. I made a major layette set for one of my former co workers who is pregnant; blanket, bib, booties, mary jane booties, hat, cardigan, and hand mits. But it still didn't help as much as I had hoped.

Well that is my life for now. I will try to visit blog land more frequently.