Saturday, July 28, 2007

40 and on vacation

Okay...I have become obsessed with being 40. In all honesty, I didn't think I would live to see 40. I have been through so much in the last few years; making it to 40 seemed like an impossibility. I decided to treat myself to a vacation for my birthday. I didn't get to go to the exact place I wanted to go, but it was a great vacation nonetheless. To me, any vacation by the ocean is a treat. I live in landlocked North Texas, so I just see weeds all the time.

Went to Miami and did a few things I had never done before. Took a cruise around the Ft Lauderdale causeway, went to eat a few new places. Went to the beach...well on the days it didn't rain. Went to a great Italian restaurant for my birthday. It was right on the Bay. LOVED it!! We were seated right on the water. Saw sting rays and flying fish jumping out of the bay!!

We also discovered the best Gelateria at Lincoln Road Mall and at Bayside. It is a chain, but it has a very homemade taste. That was the most wonderful gelato I ever put in my mouth. We had to get it every night we were there. They had different flavors every day. Pure frozen heaven!
I had my birthday cake at this place called the IceBox. It has been featured on Food Network a bunch of times. I have been here once before and loved it. I wanted to come back for my birthday. Their cakes are like the best sex you could ever imagine. They taste sooooo good! Aww man, just thinking about it!! I had the Pina Colada cake. It was amazing. I can't even describe it; can't put it into words how wonderful it tasted.

I usually go to Versailles in Little Havana for my Cuban food fix. We did go on our first day there. But I was a bit disappointed with the food. We tried another Cuban restaurant called Mambo. It was really good. It is located at Bayside in Downtown Miami. The food was really good and inexpensive. I will definitely be going there again.
On my cruise around Ft Lauderdale I found several houses that I would like to purchase for my retirement. But I know I won't be able to purchase one unless I hit the lotto. By the way, I did purchase several lotto tickets while in Florida. As I am sure you figured out, I didn't win. I find it amazing that people 1. live in these places and 2. they can AFFORD to live in these places. Where was I when they passed out the money? Oh well...I can dream about it...

I love these houses. I am going to have one, one day; with my yacht sitting on my dock. My pool and cabana oil boy...Okay Okay! I am awake now!!

This was a great trip! A great birthday! Thanks to my friend, who made it very special for me! Now on to planning 41!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

40 - the new middle age??!!

Okay the day finally made it!! I am NOW 40 years old. Is that the new middle age? I was reading on another person's blog that an author was middle aged, and she happens to be 40. I am like what???!!! When did 40 become middle aged? I know my bones creak and pop from time to time. My back feels like it is coming apart, but 40 is NOT old. I still feel like i am in my 20s. Although I have to say, in my mind I feel 60, but that is another blog to write.

I thought when I turned 40, I would be working as VP somewhere; I would have 2.5 kids and husband, my Range Rover. I know how materialistic of me, but shit I can't help it! That is what I saw for myself at 40. I thought I would be closer to retirement, a wishful 55, but that AIN'T happening. I am going to be freaking working until I drop dead. I have not saved for my retirement like I should have, I have not done anything like I should have. Where did I go wrong?!

But I have to say, I have more confidence in myself than I did in my 20's or 30's. It has been a gradual change in myself and my vision of myself. I feel more comfortable in my "skin" now. I had always heard that on Oprah, but I didn't pay any attention to it. But now I see what Oprah meant. I don't care what people think of me, my looks etc. It isn't so important to me. I understand the importance of being diplomatic as opposed to brash and outspoken. It is a change in MYSELF and my spirit!!

Turning 40 has gotten off to a great start. Can I make it to 50?!!